A step-by-step guide to increasing your website leads

Website Leads

A step-by-step guide to increasing your website leads

Website Leads

It is great to have a good looking, slick website that showcases your business in the best possible light. But does it convert traffic into enquiries? Does it tempt the user to engage with your business?

If you are looking to generate more leads from your website but unsure where to begin, then we have four ‘quick-win’ hacks to help your website convert more traffic into warm leads.

1) Add regular content

According to Hubspot (inbound sales and marketing specialists), business-to-business companies that blog regularly generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t.

But why is that? Creating great content that really engages your reader creates authority and awareness for your business/brand.

You are positioning yourself as an expert within your sector, informing and educating your prospective customer. Nobody likes to be sold to now, and we are living in an age where customers will research their buying options before they commit to a decision.

This is incredibly true for the Construction, Interiors, and Glass & Glazing sectors. There’s a LOT of content available in these markets, where building product manufacturers are promoting their latest products, project news or service capability.

So it is important to write content that’s different from the majority of content out there. Write an opinion-piece to educate architects or specifiers; or inform interior designers about upcoming design or material selection trends; or educate contractors how to conform to building regulations with specification advice.

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2) Identify where your visitors are clicking and scrolling on your site

Google Analytics is a brilliant tool to use for your website. It tells you where your traffic comes from, whether it’s from a search engine, social media channel or if the user came direct e.g. by typing in your website URL. With this, you can decide where to allocate more or less resources/budgets.

Another great function in Google Analytics is the ability to see the flow of traffic on your site. You can see where a user enters your site, other pages they go to, what they engage with, and where they leave your site.

With this in mind, you can continually refine your website. If you notice a page which has a high exit rate (where users leave your site), you can take a look at it and change it – whether you reduce the content on a page, put a clear call-to-action, make your contact details clearer, or other actions.

A final tip here to compliment Google Analytics is using a tool called Crazy Egg. It’s a great tool that we have used and offers you the ability to see how your visitors behave on a particular web page. It gives you heatmaps, scroll maps and visual reports and tells you exactly how users engage with your site. We’re in no way affiliated with the company, it’s just a great tool that we recommend.

3) Add contact forms to pages which get the most traffic

This one is an excellent one to implement on your site, it’s simple yet effective. We sometimes refer to the reason why a user doesn’t engage with your site as ‘friction’. It is the effort the user has to go to, to actually take action…in this case get in touch with you.

By putting a simple contact form at the end of an informative blog post or other popular page, really reduces the friction and increases the chance a user will make contact with you. The content they will have just read will be fresh in their minds and a clear, simple contact form just makes it easy and more likely for the user to engage with you.

You can monitor contact forms and their success rate in Google Analytics, as Goals or Conversions. Meaning you can see which forms work and which don’t.


4) Add testimonials to your site

Our final ‘hack’ to generate more website enquiries is to show more high quality, genuine testimonials on your site.

Testimonials maximise the value in your products and services. Prospective customers can see exactly how you have helped similar businesses, which increases trust and makes you much more relatable.

If you already have lots of testimonials on your site it is a good opportunity to review them. Are they all still relevant? Do they communicate to prospective customers exactly how you can help them?

Be more specific than “Working with ‘X’ company has been great and they are easy to work with…” Tell prospective customers exactly how you have helped your customers overcome problems, and what are the results of working with you?

We can’t stress enough the testimonials need to be genuine, no fake reviews! Users can spot these a mile away and reduces trust in your brand. You don’t always have to give out names, but in this instance tell the user they can have more information if needed. Transparency is crucial.


We hope you have found some benefit and good take-aways from our article, in helping you to increase your website leads.

We are confident if you follow the above steps you will notice an increase in good quality, relevant enquiries coming from your website.

If you want any more information or an informal chat about ideas for your website, we are always available. Feel free to give us a call on 01606 351 033 or email us at info@time54.co.uk


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Time54 is a specialist marketing agency that works exclusively with building product manufacturers within the construction industry.

We can build your brand awareness and authority through strategic and tactical marketing that leads to specification inclusion.

Time54 works with and has helped many building and interiors companies raise their awareness in the marketplace and increase their specification inclusion on numerous projects.

We are a specialist building and interiors marketing agency and help brands to:

  • Increase specification.
  • Influence architects.
  • Build authority.

If you are interested in how we can help your business target architects and grow through specification led marketing, get in touch to organise a Power Hour zoom meeting.

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