5 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence To Boost Product Specification

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence To Boost Product Specification

In today’s digital marketplace, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a great product.  Customers are bombarded with choices, and clear, compelling communication of your product’s specifications is…
Solar panel-strategy in your marketing activities

The importance of strategy in your marketing activities

Having a marketing strategy is not only important, but essential for your business. Often, having a formalised marketing strategy in place is seen by business owners as a luxury and…
Big tiles- marketing tactics

Build your pipeline with 5 key marketing tactics

Developing your pipeline is crucial for building product manufacturers and service providers within the UK construction sector. Integral to building your pipeline is specification, and securing specifications on construction projects…
Do your research

Make the most of your CPD to help specify your products

All architects are required to do ongoing CPD to maintain their chartered status with RIBA. For building product manufacturers, this presents an opportunity to create training materials around their products…

Do Your Research – Know Your Markets (Market Research Focus)

Do Your Research – Know Your Markets (Market Research Focus) Market research is crucial in providing strategic insights into the construction industry, where numerous niche markets, professions, and products interconnect.…

Tips for marketing your construction product website to architects

You have a great product that you know will benefit architects and their clients. How do you tell them? Targeted marketing is essential in the construction industry. Specifiers have a…

How to ensure your product gets specified and stays specified

An in-depth understanding of the specification process is akin to unlocking the gateway to success. Architects, Designers, Contractors and other decision-makers are the ‘Specifiers’ of this process, influencing the selection…

New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox

Are you a Gmail ‘bulk sender’, meaning you send 5,000 or more emails to Gmail addresses daily? If so, you should be aware of the sender validation changes to be…

Practical marketing advice to avoid feast and famine sales

Maintaining a steady sales flow in the construction industry poses a considerable challenge for businesses and building product manufacturers. A strategic and practical marketing approach is essential to ensure that…

How to create a strong brand identity that specifiers will use

For building product manufacturers, securing specifications on construction projects is essential for short-term sales targets and long-term growth. But how do you create a strong brand identity so that specifiers…

Sustainable Building Materials: Trends & Opportunities for Building Product Manufacturers

Architects, designers, and specifiers in the built environment increasingly prioritise sustainable building materials, challenging manufacturers to innovate and align with evolving environmental standards. By exploring the current trends and opportunities,…
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