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If you’re thinking ‘what is a mobile friendly website‘ or ‘do I need a mobile friendly website’ then the chances are you need a new website. Mobile friendly websites are just that, mobile friendly, basically your site ‘responds’ to the size or format of the mobile or tablet device, making life so much easier for your customers to find the information they need or for you to promote your business in a clear and concise way. You may not think it is worth the hassle, time, money or effort updating your site. But you could be putting off your existing customers and driving potential new customers away. If you need any further reason to get a responsive site then here are 5 reasons why you should have a mobile friendly website.

Mobile friendly sites make it so much easy for the customer to find what they want

As you know, first impressions count, you want to give your customers the best experience possible. Having a responsive website helps you ensure your customers don’t leave soon after they’ve arrived on your site, and they find what they are looking for quickly.  A mobile friendly site optimises for every individual user; irrespective of what device they are using. Making sure your products and services are available to see on the go, in the office, on the train, 24/7.

Social media

Social media has a mobile user bias, think of the last time you used social media on a desktop, and then when you last read, tweeted, liked something on your mobile. The majority of social engagement now takes place on smartphones or tablets. Social media interaction like internet browsing is very much an activity we do to fill a spare minute in our daily lives, in a shop queue or waiting to pick up the kids, it’s a full time activity, done almost anywhere at any time. You could be missing out on social media attention and sharing from your customers if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

Action is taken while using a Mobile

It is believed that 70% of searches undertaken on mobile devices lead to action being taken on sites, research varies but generally the action is taken within one hour. Signifying that when people search on a mobile device, they are more determined to buy or take action. Casual browsing or information gathering is something that is usually undertaken at leisure, perhaps during a break at work or sat in an uninspiring presentation! but real decisions and action are often taken on mobile devices. Put simply, if your site isn’t mobile friendly then people aren’t taking action on your site.

Mobile use and interactivity is here to stay

Internet access via a mobile device is on the increase and rising all the time. You only need to look around to see young and old searching away on the internet via their hand held device. Many people only use a mobile device to get on the net, and with mobiles getting bigger again (following a previous trend to make them smaller) with bigger screens you can see why some people are sticking with just their mobile for searching, information and buying. Don’t exclude this massive customer audience by having an unresponsive, non-mobile friendly site.

Google really likes sites that are mobile friendly

Put bluntly, if your website isn’t mobile friendly the next Google algorithm update will have a negative impact on your Google ranking, and your position will fall. If you are reliant on getting traffic to your site through relevant keywords, all of your SEO strategies and work could be undermined.

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