Email marketing made simple

Email marketing made simple


Like them or loathe them, emails are engrained into modern life. Whether we like it or not, some days we can’t escape the inbox in a work environment.

We’re going to kick this blog off by presenting some key facts and experience about email marketing:

  • 78% businesses have seen an increase in engagement over the last 12 months.
  • There are 4.3 billion daily email users.
  • For us an agency within the construction sector, it is one of the best ways to communicate directly to your audience.

If we focus on the last point above, we want to present to you that email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business to your audience.


Why use email for your business?

Whether you are a building product manufacturer looking to launch a new product or you’re an M&E consultant, or other construction service provider, looking to tell contractors or architects how you can add value to their projects, email marketing is the best way to land directly in the inbox of your audience.

“But no one reads emails anymore” or “I don’t have time to read emails that come into my inbox”.

These are statements we hear a lot from within the sector. The second statement is quite a valid point, as the sector is currently navigating through a period of volatile price increases, material shortages, lack of skilled labour and other factors.

The truth is that sending emails to increase your brand awareness within the construction and interiors sectors is one of the best, most cost-effective marketing methods to use (if done correctly and over a sustained period of time).

Compared to Google Ad Campaigns (PPC) which can be an expensive exercise (sorry Google, please don’t ban us!), or exhibiting at trade shows which again can be a costly activity. Don’t get us wrong, Google Ad Campaigns and trade shows are both still great activities and still are very relevant in any marketing campaign.

But in terms of raising your brand awareness, talking directly to your ideal potential client, and generating conversations and enquiries, email marketing won’t cost you the earth and over time will generate a good return on your investment (if done correctly).

Here’s the reality of sending emails to promote your business. The best way to a successful email campaign for your business is:

  • Don’t just sell…educate and inspire your audience.
  • Make sure you say something that your audience finds valuable.
  • Consistency is crucial, make sure you send on a regular basis.
  • Think of the long term, what are you trying to achieve by sending out emails?
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    Choose an email marketing provider

    There are lots of providers out there, here are a few that we know are good. MailChimp, GetResponse, Send in Blue, Campaigner

    There are others to choose from as well. Just make sure you choose one that fits the requirements for your business.

    Do you find it easy to use (most will offer a trial or free version to start with)? Does it manage your email list data in the right way? What else can it offer as well as emails e.g. landing pages, automation (where you can set up email sequences to run automatically).

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    Set up your template

    Most email marketing providers will have a good, easy to use email editor where you create your emails.

    Our main advice here is keep your emails simple and to the point. Yes, style them according to your branding. But don’t use the opportunity to put wordy articles or your whole catalogue of products in. The idea is to create a short, impactful message that engages with your audience and makes them want to find out more information.

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    Work on your message

    Don’t just send an email with the subject “Newsletter”. Make sure within the subject area and the opening section in your email (where your recipient can usually see it when viewing on a desktop), you are giving value and you are clear in what the email is about.

    It is important to note here no one will ever buy from you or do business with you without trusting you. And the best way to make people trust you is by giving them information that they find useful and valuable.

    Case studies are a great topic where you can show how your product or service benefitted your client. Thought leadership topics are also great to feature, where you write around a subject area to educate your audience.


Frequently asked questions

How many emails should I send every month?

There is no right and wrong answer here. We always advise if you start to see an increase in users unsubscribing or even complaining in how many they receive, that’s the limit.

Only send an email when you have something to say! If that's four times a month, great. But make sure it's relevant and interesting, don't choose to do six emails every month and have nothing to say in them. Do less and keep the audience happy and engaged!

I’m not getting good open rates, what am I doing wrong?

This could be down to a number of factors really. It could be that your subject heading doesn’t relate to your audience. It could be that your emails aren’t getting through due to something in your content triggering email spam filters. Or it could be a case of your email list needs to be cleansed.

Is there a way to see who is reading my emails?

Depending on the quality of your data, the answer is usually yes. If your data includes various criteria e.g. email address, name, telephone, and other criteria; you will be able to see exactly who opens your emails and who clicks through from your emails.

That’s the great thing about email marketing, it is incredibly accountable and gives you good information to potentially follow up with.

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