Exhibitions – what’s all the fuss about?

With KBB and Ecobuild in full swing and many other shows in the building, architectural and home interior industries coming up in 2018, it can be difficult to choose the right show for your business, and even more tricky to evaluate success and a return on your investment.

Over the last eighteen years managing marketing departments I’ve been involved in many shows, whether designing, organizing or manning stands I’ve always enjoyed working on exhibitions, and more importantly I’ve always valued exhibitions as an integral marketing communications tool and an excellent way to engage with customers and develop customer relationships.

Choosing the right show

Firstly, you need to ensure you choose the correct show for your business and products. So what is your objective? To launch a new product? Meet new customers. Or interact with your current customers? Once your objective is clear, evaluate the exhibitions unique selling points against your objective. Find out key information from previous shows:

  • Visitor numbers – overall attendance
  • Industry Focus. Will the show target the area of the industry you need it to?
  • Will your competitors be there?
  • How well is the show advertised in the industry?
  • Ask around, what do your customers and peers say about the show?

Another key point is cost, how much budget is required for each show. Some shows might be well suited to your needs, but can you afford to exhibit? Consider the actual stand build costs, marketing of your attendance, staff requirements and travel costs.

Knowing this information will help to develop a structure for evaluating each show based on its relevance to your objectives, budget and target markets.

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