Get a Niche – the importance of getting focused on who you target and how you communicate with them

Get a Niche – the importance of getting focused on who you target and how you communicate with them

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As the old adage goes, if you try and please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

This is definitely the case when marketing your business.

If you are trying to build relationships and grow your business with a number of sub-sectors within the construction industry, you can’t do this with a single marketing message or approach. This won’t resonate with anyone and as a result will have limited success.

So what is the answer?

To really relate to your audience, build relationships and trust, and increase sales, you need to really focus on a niche within the sector. But what does this mean? How do you do it? And what are the benefits of focussing on a niche?

We will explain all this to you here.

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What does choosing a niche mean?

A niche sector within the construction industry is a particular group of businesses who have defined needs, preferences, and problems that they solve.

For example, you may want to target the flooring industry. You think that may be niche enough as it’s focussed on the flooring aspect of a build.

However, there are still many types of businesses within the flooring industry, all with different wants and requirements. There are flooring manufacturers, distributors, installers, and consultants.

Then there are different materials or types of flooring, for example concrete or screed floors, cementitious underlays, hardboard, carpets, vinyl, wood, ceramic tiles, acoustic flooring, and many more types.

Then there are the particular project sectors e.g. residential, industrial, commercial etc, where companies could specialise in one or two of these types.

So based on the above, finding a nice market within the flooring sector is finding a group of businesses that sit within the factors above. For example, you could target wooden flooring manufacturers.

“But if I choose a niche sector within construction, it means I’m missing out on more potential customers outside of that niche?”

While this statement is true, it isn’t a case of simply ignoring all of the other niches available. The idea is to target each of your niches with a different message as they all have different requirements.

We are now going to explain the benefits of finding a clear niche to market your business to.



Why should I choose a niche?

By choosing a niche to target and market your business to, will give you a greater chance to grow your business.

Why is that?

Understanding your chosen niche is essential as it helps to identify your audience’s needs and problems. And by being crystal clear on solving your audience’s problems, will grow your business faster.

Your customers don’t usually need your product or service, they need a solution to their problem.

Going back to the list of flooring companies earlier, manufacturers will have different problems and requirements to installers. Flooring manufacturers are focussed on product development and finding the best channels to sell their flooring products. While flooring installers are focussed on service-led operations, so factors such as sourcing which types of flooring will suit their customers’ needs.

So if you wanted to target both flooring manufacturers and installers with the same marketing message, you won’t resonate with either business type.

By choosing a niche, it means you can communicate to your chosen audience and tell them exactly how you can solve their problems. And if you do this, you are much more likely to have a successful marketing campaign, increase your customer base, and increase sales.

Another reason why you should choose a niche is it will be much easier to stand out from your competitors.

More and more businesses are entering the construction sector every year and it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out.


You have seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

This sounds dramatic, but in today’s digital world our attention span is constantly being pulled from one digital platform to another.

Your social media post has seconds to create an impact, or the user will carry on scrolling.

Your email has seconds to make an impression on your recipient, whether it’s a compelling subject header or opening paragraph. If it doesn’t, your email will be ignored.

Your website has seconds to make a good impression on the visitor, if it doesn’t they will simply go to the next website until they find what they want.

Headlines like these don’t cut it anymore:

❌ We provide innovative solutions
❌ We act as an extension of your business
❌ We supply the largest product range in the market

Instead… be relatable, be specific, find out your audience’s pain points and create headlines that resonate:

✅ We help sub-contractors win bigger projects to grow your business
✅ We help architects create more accurate designs in less time, saving you time and resources
✅ Our products help contractors ensure their projects comply with UK Building Regulations

A well-defined, clear brand message to a particular niche helps your business get attention, build trust, and will help you win new customers.

 Your marketing message will be more impactful on your audience

  • You will position yourself as a leader within the sub-sector
  • Less competition
  • You build more brand loyalty and convert more of your audience into customers
  • It’s generally more cost-effective, so will save you money

Finding a niche for your business

If you would like to find a new or improved niche for your business, whether you are launching a new product, launching into a new sector, or simply you just want to start a focussed new marketing campaign, talk to us.

We are inviting businesses to talk to us over a 30 minute zoom call, where we will give clear guidance on the niches you could promote your business.

You will leave the call with actionable guidance you can work with, to increase your brand awareness and build new customer relationships within a new niche.

We are holding these zoom calls throughout September only, so please be quick. Book your call by filling out the form below. If you need any more information, call us on 01606 351033.

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