How to stand out from your competition

How to stand out from your competition

3d render of dress room, wardrobe

Differentiating your business has never been so important.

“But with so many companies offering the same products as me, how am I different?”

This is a common question we hear.

Product suppliers often buy their stock from the same sources. And service providers e.g. architects or M&E contractors, generally provide similar services for clients.

But there is a way to stand out to help customers choose you over your competitors.

Here are 4 steps to stand out from your competition with your marketing.

1) Make sure you are clear in your communications

Clarity is everything. Don’t use fancy language or too many insider technical terms, as this may confuse your audience.

If you confuse them, you’ll lose them.

We realise there are certain technical terms you may need to mention, but it’s all about balance. Don’t overload whatever you’re writing with technical language as it makes your message less clear.

Also, when you are posting to your audience – social media channels, email campaign or a website blog; make sure you are writing about what your customers want, rather than what you have to offer.

Don’t focus on your product features, focus on what problems it solves for your customer.

For example…

“Our glass balustrade systems feature stainless steel handrails, 10mm toughened safety glass and a variety of glass clamps.”

This statement doesn’t capture attention as it talks about a product, which doesn’t relate to your audience.

Your audience wants to know your glass balustrade system will ensure their project complies with all UK Building Regulations, is aesthetically on point for their client, and will stand the test of time.

This is what captures attention, builds trust, and helps your business to stand out.

3d render of dress room, wardrobe

2) Consistency is key

There are thousands of marketing messages out there in the construction sector every day fighting for attention.

If you’re posting over social media every now and again, writing new blog posts every few months, or sending out emails whenever you have time, this isn’t going to work.

To get noticed by your audience or customers you need to be consistent.

For example, if you send out emails to them, send them at the same time every week or two weeks. This way, your audience will come to expect them. And then, they’ll start to trust you and value what you have to say.

Trust is a major barrier to a sale. The best way to build trust with your audience is by being consistent with how often you communicate with them, while also making sure your message (e.g. tone, language, benefits) is consistent too.


3) Show evidence of happy customers

This one should be a big part of your marketing armoury. Some of the best content that architects, contractors, engineers, and other professionals like and engage with are case studies or project write-ups.

One of the best ways to promote your products or services is to show in a real-life application how they helped one of your customers.

For example, if you supplied LED lighting products for a project, it’s a great opportunity to write about:

  • Why your products were specified
  • How they have benefitted your customer and the end user
  • How you also helped your customer with additional services e.g. design concepts, so not just a product supplier
  • How you helped your customer to overcome a particular challenge, that perhaps your competitors weren’t able to

People learn and engage with information when it’s presented in a story. This isn’t fluffy marketing advice, it’s proven science.

With the example above in mind, an architect might read your case study and relate it to a project they have. Some of the project characteristics might be very similar e.g. working on a refurbishment project in a commercial building.

They will relate to your story much more, than if you were to just present some of your product’s features.

4) Don’t focus on price

Price matters in business, but don’t make it the main reason why a customer chooses you. It doesn’t do you any favours and doesn’t promote loyalty.

When your communications are price driven, your business will be looked at much more of a commodity rather than a valued supplier/partner.

Your plan to give a new customer low pricing on the basis that they’ll become a long-term customer just won’t work. What you’re actually doing is setting low expectations with your new customer, and more often than not they will be disengaged with their level of service or product quality.

Not just that, but constant price undercutting will erode profit margins.

Listen, pricing can be a great tool to use to capture attention. But it has to be used in the right way.

Value-based communications are good to use to existing customers. To those who already have a good relationship with you, and a well created email with good pricing will be good to tempt a few buyers for you.

For new customers, focus on the value that you bring to their project. Tell your audience how you can help solve their problems, whether through your products or services, and this will help position you in the market much better.


Final thoughts

Standing out in the market is getting much more difficult month on month, as new businesses enter the market.

The good news is, it’s not impossible to stand out. You don’t need the most innovative product or biggest support team to stand out. You need a clear plan, patience, and a long term goal to help you along the way.

If you follow the 4 steps below, it will help you on your journey to stand out in the market:

  • Make sure you are clear in your communications
  • Consistency is key
  • Show evidence of happy customers
  • Don’t focus on price

More information

If you would like more information on how to stand out in the construction or interiors sectors, contact us today and we will be happy to help.

As a specialist construction and interiors marketing agency, we can make your marketing a success, increase awareness and trust in your brand, as well as win more tenders and generate leads for your business.

We like to work with ambitious businesses within the construction and interiors sectors who are focused on the long-term benefits of building their businesses through long-term marketing activities.

Call us on 01606 351 033 or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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