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What makes great content marketing?

Content is the power house of any marketing activity.

When it is done well it can fuel your social channels, bring energy to your campaign activities and drive better engagement between your sales team and prospects. Creating purposeful, relevant and engaging content should be at the heart of every marketing strategy.

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Targeting Interior Designers

Interior Designers are visual people with an appreciation and passion for good design, artistic flair and creativity. However, the role of an Interior Designer is a diverse one, with multifaceted skills and demands. Interior designers work with others to design building interiors.

How do you get Designers to notice your products, engage with your business, and turn into long-term customers?

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Marketing trends to help shape your company strategy

The Construction sector is an ever-changing and complex industry to be in, and understanding the key drivers and trends of the sector is important

We discuss a range of important trends that could play a defining role in your company’s marketing strategy within the Buildings sector.

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Evolution of digital marketing and its importance to the construction sector

The rise and importance of digital has been hugely significant over the last decade and is now adopted universally in all marketing strategies.

Organisations require new ways of thinking. A good start is by embracing new technologies and shifting the integration of digital marketing to the forefront of their strategy.