Pet-Tek International

Client: Pet-Tek International
Services: Website Development, Social Media, Emailshot Campaigns, PR, Business Development, Planning and Buying Advertising

“Time54 have really helped us to increase awareness of PET-TEK in the UK, not just in the Glass industry, but broadly across several sectors”

Pet-Tek International supply premium cat and dog doors for glass, wooden, composite, uPVC and metal doors.  They feature larger, more innovative flap openings; are significantly more durable than traditional pet doors; and are much easier to fit than other brands available on the market – particular the products for glass doors.

We started working with Pet-Tek with a view to promoting their range of glass door cat and dog door models, to glaziers, installers, self-builders and house developers.  Pet-Tek already distributed their pet doors to the UK market via re-sellers and trade suppliers, however they wanted to increase sales levels as well as increasing brand awareness and targeting new markets.

Time54 created a strategy to organise marketing communications and set about to achieve their business goals.  We took care of their social media channels, press release writing and distributing (in the glass and glazing as well as architectural press), emailshot campaigns, website development, SEO, advert creative, as well as business development activities.  This involved liaising with glaziers and glass showrooms and dealing with their technical questions, sourcing re-sellers, sourcing large retailers to stock and sell their products, as well as dealing with general enquiries within the UK.

The relationship has gone from strength to strength and we have helped Pet-Tek grow their awareness levels, increase sales and target the retail (consumer) markets.

``Time54 have really helped me to increase awareness of PET-TEK in the UK, not just in the Glass industry, but broadly across several sectors. The guys have a strong understanding of our products and our target markets, they have a knack of knowing what, where and how to promote our products to get the best out of our budget. I'd thoroughly recommend Time54``.

Managing Director, Pet-Tek International