Construction and Specification CPDs

CPD presentations are an effective tool in any construction marketing strategy. The chance to communicate and influence key decision makers by educating them in your product or service, is a great way to build relationships with your ideal customer base.

Many construction and interiors businesses place a big emphasis on sending their staff on regular, continued training days. And CPDs feature commonly as part of this.

It can be difficult to design and create an effective CPD. So what information needs to go it? How long should it last to keep the audience’s attention? What different types of content and media should feature? Getting this right is key for an effective CPD strategy.

Also, it isn’t just the creation of the CPD too. It is important to consider how to promote it? Who to promote to? How long do you need to promote it? And once you have carried out your CPD training, it is important to follow it up with your attendees to develop the relationships, convert into a customer, and ultimately ensure your CPD was a success.

How can we help?

Time54 are experienced in the creation, organising and following-up on CPD events.

We have organised CPD events for many businesses over the years, helping them to get in front of exactly their target audience and helping them to convert them into customers.

Now with the huge influence of digital adoption within the construction and interiors sectors, we help clients to create online CPDs. So we again help with the creation of digital media and presentations for use on websites and landing pages.

We take care of the whole process, from design, to organising and promotion, to finally following up users who have viewed the online CPD.

Talk to us today about how your business will benefit from a series of CPD events or online CPDs as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

See how CPDs can help drive your business

    “The guys at Time54 have really helped us to increase our exposure within the Glass Industry. We have seen an increase in website traffic and enquiry levels, which have been helped by a PR campaign, emailshots, advertising design, and planning and negotiating advertising space.

    They are easy to work with, really listened to our requirements and added real value to our marketing efforts.”.

    Systems Processing Director, The Glass Warehouse

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