Content Marketing

Content is the powerhouse of any marketing activity.

Architects, specifiers, interior designers, and other construction professionals conduct online research as part of their building specification project. They have a particular design challenge or project requirement, so they search for companies to help them.

This means the content you have on your website or other external online resources, has to be written in the right way.

It has to be informative, technically sound and reliable, useful, relevant and importantly written in an engaging way.

Your content is the foundations for your marketing activities and the ability to communicate with your audience. It fuels your social media channels; it helps your website’s SEO and it’s ability to be ranked highly in search engines; it brings energy to your campaign activities and drives better engagement between your sales team and prospects.

How can we help?

At Time54 we can help you create purposeful, relevant and engaging content that will help to convert your audience into customers.

Our knowledge and experience of the building specification process means we understand what your audience is looking for when reading your content.

To begin the process, we can help to create your content strategy. So what business goals do you have, and how will new content help in achieving your goals.

Once we have the strategy in place, we then set to work in creating the content. This is always done with the AIDA process to get maximum impact from your content. So the purpose is to generate Awareness, then Interest, creating the Desire, then encouraging the user to take Action.

The types of content we can help you with includes:

● Product or service features
● Industry trends
● Thought leadership/opinion pieces
● Case studies
● Press releases based on company events

Talk to us today about how your business will benefit from content marketing as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

See how content marketing can help drive your business

    We took on Time54 to create our new website following a referral from a trusted business owner we work with. We’re really pleased with the site and have received lots of good comments about it. Time54 also look after our social media, again we’ve had great feedback. The chaps have a great understanding of the specification process and know who we need to influence”.

    Managing Director, PAD Contracts

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    What makes great content marketing?

    Content is the power house of any marketing activity.

    When it is done well it can fuel your social channels, bring energy to your campaign activities and drive better engagement between your sales team and prospects. Creating purposeful, relevant and engaging content should be at the heart of every marketing strategy.