Sustainability and zero carbon marketing strategy

Is your business ready for a net zero future?

In 2019 the UK Government passed a net zero emissions law with a requirement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

As a business within the construction sector, how do you begin to move your business to net zero? What exactly is net zero? And what advantages does it bring to be more carbon neutral?

You may have seen the terms carbon neutral and net zero, and although they are the same thing there is a slight difference.

Being a carbon neutral business means you’re offsetting your carbon emissions that you produce, for example by planting trees. This is obviously a positive, but it might mean you’re not reducing carbon emissions.

Being net zero means you’re actively taking steps to reduce your carbon emissions to the 2050 target levels.

“But there are still 28 years to go, why should our business start reducing our carbon emissions now?”

By actively reducing your carbon emissions and working towards the 2050 net zero targets, you are positioning yourself as a leader within construction.

Companies will want to do business with you. Suppliers will want to supply to you. People will want to work for you.

By actively communicating your sustainability and net zero measures to your audience, you will build trust within the industry and attract new customers.

Designers of today’s buildings expect ‘green’ products, sustainable products and processes right now, so don’t get left behind by your competitors.

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