Why consistency should be your number one marketing priority


Why consistency should be your number one marketing priority


For building product manufacturers within the UK construction sector, securing specifications on projects is essential for short-term sales targets and long-term growth.

But what drives specifiers to buy and use your products?

A quality product and effective service offering are essential for specifiers, as well as a strong and relatable brand. But ultimately, consistency is one of the most important factors in any marketing campaign.

But why is consistency so important?

For specifiers to buy from you and use your products, trust is a vital factor. If they trust your brand, they will buy your product. If they don’t trust your brand, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple.

Trust is a major barrier to a sale.

The only way to build trust is by being consistent with how often you communicate with architects and contractors, while also making sure your message (e.g. tone, language, benefits) is consistent too.

By being consistent with your marketing strategy, goals and communications, you’re telling your audience and prospective clients that you are reliable. And not only that, but you are being crystal clear in how you can benefit your audience by consistent messaging.

This builds trust for your business and ultimately will increase your sales.

A strategic and tactical approach to consistency

Some of the most successful businesses within construction in getting their products or services specified, aren’t necessarily the best in terms of quality of product or service offering. They are the brands that are relentlessly consistent.

If your brand is well known among architects, contractors, engineers and other specification professionals, you have more of a chance of being specified.

Strategically, this is achieved with establishing a strong and recognisable brand identity that communicates a unified brand message that is consistent within the marketplace. As a marketing manager within a building product manufacturer, you will be responsible for driving the strategic direction across all channels and internal stakeholders within a business.

Tactically, creating a consistent approach involves a cohesive visual style that conforms to brand guidelines and represents your brand. It is also important to consider the frequency of communications, such as posts over social media, content releases, emailshot campaigns and other direct marketing campaigns.

Why consistency is needed in the specification process

The short answer here is that it takes time for your audience, specifiers, to know, like, and trust your brand.

Is an architect or main contractor going to buy from you from one or two social media posts, or an emailshot every now and again? Highly unlikely.

It takes time for specifiers to notice your brand, as the construction sector as a whole is saturated with brands and products. Then it takes more time for them to be influenced and become engaged with it.

This consistency is crucial with them recognising your brand. It is important to consider that purchasing is done with emotions and justified with logic. Yes your product has to be fit for purpose and satisfy all kinds of performance and sustainability credentials to ensure successful specification.

But if your product is exactly the same as a competitors’ product, how do they make the decision to choose your brand or your competitors? They make it based on their relationship with a brand. How does your brand make them feel? If they feel more trust in your brand compared with your competitors, they are more likely to buy from you.

And one of the most important factors in building trust is consistency and ensuring you are always at the forefront of specifiers’ minds.


Time54 can help you achieve a more consistent approach with your marketing

Time54 is a specialist marketing agency that works exclusively with building product manufacturers within the construction industry.

We can build your brand awareness and authority through strategic and tactical marketing that leads to specification inclusion.

Time54 works with and has helped many building and interiors companies raise their awareness in the marketplace and increase their specification inclusion on numerous projects.

We are a specialist building and interiors marketing agency and help brands to:

  • Increase specification.
  • Influence architects.
  • Build authority.

If you are interested in how we can help your business target architects and grow through specification led marketing, get in touch to organise a Power Hour zoom meeting.

Speak to Time54 about your construction product website

Time54 help construction companies to increase product specification through strategic marketing strategies and engaging website design. Get in touch at info@time54.co.uk to find out how we can help you attract specifiers and influence decision makers.

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