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Time54 developed a tailored marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and product specification rates among Onlevel's target audience of architects, specifiers, and contractors. Through a combination of content creation and targeted advertising campaigns, we effectively reached these key stakeholders on industry-specific platforms. Our informative content showcased OnLevel's product advantages, positioning them as industry experts. The precision of our advertising campaigns attracted genuinely interested potential clients, resulting in a higher specification rate. This strategic marketing initiative and implementation of marketing plans delivered tangible results, elevating OnLevel's brand awareness and market presence significantly.


I've known the Directors of Time54 for many years, the guys have extensive knowledge of the building product specification market, in particular glass and glazing. When we started ONLEVEL UK I was conscious of getting experience into our business and Time54 haven't let me down, their creativity, strategic marketing and content creation is first class.

Gary Dean


Time54 played a key role in boosting OnLevel's brand awareness and product specification rates through a strategic marketing initiative. By understanding OnLevel's target audience, which included architects, specifiers, and contractors, Time54 tailored a marketing plan to effectively reach these key clients

Time54's experience in the construction industry, specifically the specification of glass hardware was paramount. Time54 began by analysing the needs and preferences of architects, specifiers, and contractors. They then focused on industry-specific touchpoints such as trade shows, industry publications, and online platforms to connect with these professionals. Their approach combined digital marketing, content creation, and social media engagement to ensure OnLevel's message reached a receptive audience.

One of Time54's standout strategies was content creation. They produced informative content, including blog posts, videos, and infographics, that highlighted the advantages of OnLevel's products. This not only educated potential customers but also positioned OnLevel as a trusted source in the industry.

Additionally, Time54's targeted advertising campaigns honed in on demographics and keywords relevant to architects, specifiers, and contractors. This precision led to an increase in OnLevel's visibility and, more importantly, attracted potential clients genuinely interested in their products, resulting in a higher specification rate.

The strategic marketing initiative and marketing plans executed by Time54 had a tangible impact on OnLevel's brand awareness and product specification rates. By connecting with their key audience of architects, specifiers, and contractors, OnLevel achieved significant growth and market presence, thanks to their partnership with Time54.

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