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A 60 minute meeting (Power Hour) to establish your current situation and your business goals, find out your USPs and why your clients work with you, research your competitors and market influences.

The 60 minute meeting (Power Hour ) is free of charge.

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Once your objectives have been established, we create a strategy and marketing plan to deliver your goals. Working with you to set the right strategic direction for the campaign is essential.

The strategic document will act as the 'Blueprint' for your marketing. It contains your business goals, key messaging, customer personas and specific objectives of the marketing campaign. It ensures everything is accountable.

Having a strategy in place for your business:

─ Gives you clarity (you know what activities and costs can be expected in a given month)

─ Makes you more likely to achieve your goals/objectives (having a plan ensures consistency and that milestones are met)

─ Saves you money in the long run (having a marketing strategy and a plan in place means you will stick to a schedule where your marketing investment is clearly laid out)

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Here we develop the marketing and content plan, choose and schedule marketing activities to help you achieve your business goals. We create and deliver a 12-18 month marketing schedule which forms the foundations of the campaign.

Key Marketing Services:

─ Search Engine Optimisation

─ Social Media Management

─ Email Marketing

─ Video

─ CPD’s

Content Writing:

─ Thought Leadership – trends, new technologies etc

─ Case Studies

─ Product or Service Insight

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Project Management.

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Every month we will meet with you to review campaign performance and to make sure it’s on track. In-person or over Zoom.

We discuss the performance of the marketing campaign e.g., social media stats, SEO figures, and content topics to make sure you are clear on everything.

Discuss your overall business situation and future plans.

We review and develop the strategy.

Consultancy - You have our attention. Ask for our thoughts and advice, this could be ideas for new target audiences or markets, best practices, or creative, market research.

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