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In 2016, Time54 and PAD Contracts joined forces to implement a strategic marketing plan. This comprehensive approach involved redesigning the website, and enhancing its search engine optimisation and user-friendliness. Time54 took charge of managing PAD Contracts' social media channels, facilitating closer audience engagement. An integral part of the strategy was the creation of thought leadership content, case studies, and news articles, positioning PAD Contracts as industry experts. This multi-pronged plan not only modernised the brand's online presence but also significantly raised awareness, particularly among younger audiences within the competitive construction sector.

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We took on Time54 to create our new website following a referral from a trusted business owner we work with. We're really pleased with the site and have received lots of good comments about it. Time54 also look after our social media, again we've had great feedback. The chaps have a great understanding of the specification process and know who we need to influence

Managing Director

PAD Contracts

Time54's Impactful Marketing Strategy for PAD Contracts

PAD Contracts, industry experts in architectural metalwork, recognised the need to rejuvenate their brand and connect with younger audiences within tier-one construction contractors. Their rich experience in creating specialised fabrications for the construction sector demanded a modern digital presence to enhance their brand appeal.

In late 2016, PAD Contracts teamed up with Time54 to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy. The initial focus was the development of a new website that could authentically represent PAD's standing in the market. Time54 crafted an intuitive, visually appealing, and responsive website that effectively showcased their portfolio's stunning project photography. This overhaul not only modernised their online presence but also improved user experience.

The new website incorporated contemporary design elements, clean styling, and seamless functionality, offering visitors easy navigation and access to essential information. It was also optimised for search engines, ensuring potential clients could easily discover PAD Contracts through online searches.

Recognising the significance of engaging with the target audience, Time54 took on the management of PAD Contracts' social media channels. By curating and sharing content effectively, Time54 fostered closer connections with the audience, ultimately enhancing brand perception.

What set Time54's strategy apart was its focus on creating and curating insightful content. This approach established PAD Contracts as industry leaders and experts, attracting key specifiers and influencing decision-makers in the construction sector. Thought leadership content solidified their authority, while case studies provided tangible examples of their expertise. News articles kept the audience updated on the latest developments in the construction industry and showcased PAD's contributions.

Time54's marketing strategy not only revitalised PAD Contracts' digital presence but also elevated their brand awareness, especially among younger audiences in tier-one construction contractors. The combined efforts of an updated website, a cohesive visual identity, and active social media management now position PAD Contracts to effectively reach and resonate with their target audience in the competitive construction industry.

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