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Time54 Construction Marketing Specialists played a pivotal role in propelling Ponsceramics into the UK building specification market. Recognising the need for a robust digital presence, Time54 collaborated with Ponsceramics to craft a strategic plan. This included a targeted marketing schedule, a campaign micro-site, and dynamic content, enhancing brand visibility. The result? Increased brand awareness and meaningful collaborations with UK construction and design professionals, solidifying Ponsceramics' foothold in the competitive market. Time54's strategic approach significantly amplified product specifications and market penetration for Ponsceramics.


I approached Time54 based on their industry experience as I required marketing specialists with a strong understanding of the UK building and interior markets. I've found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and I'm very pleased with the work they have undertaken.

George Pons


Ponsceramics is a distributor of three distinct tiles ceramic surfaces to the UK market. They work closely with architects, interior designers, hospitality specifiers and other design and construction professionals. The company’s passion is transforming interior and exterior spaces with stunning, high quality ceramic surfaces.

We first heard from Ponsceramics in early 2020 where we talked about their desire to supply more of their ceramic surfaces to the UK market. Then the Corona Virus hit in March which accelerated the need for a strong digital presence.

Time54 collaborated with Ponsceramics and drafted a marketing schedule to maximise their brand awareness and increase relationships with UK construction and design professionals. We created a micro-site which acted as the ‘hub’ of the campaign, and worked together with new content, social media and emailshot campaigns as the tactical elements of the campaign.

Ponsceramics have benefitted from increased brand awareness in the UK market since the campaign inception back in April 2020, and have collaborated on various projects as a result of the marketing campaign.

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