How to boost your business in 2022 With an effective strategy and plan

running to boost your marketing strategy

How to boost your business in 2022 With an effective strategy and plan

running to boost your marketing strategy

2021 has not been the easiest of years, having to recover from what 2020 threw at us but by getting together a decent plan you can help boost your business in 2022 and help to secure your business’ growth.


Existing clients should be a big focus for your business, through them you can help to secure brand advocacy, but how would you know what your current customers wants, and needs were without marketing? And while your existing clients should always come first, marketing initiatives can help you grow your consumer base too. Email campaigns and social media can help to engage with your current customers but can also reach out to new ones too.


Little things like social media posts and email campaigns can help you not only engage your current customers, but also reach out to new ones. Marketing ensures the future of your company by engaging new and existing customers.


Marketing, is it really important?

Short answer YES, it is important. One of your company's most crucial functions is marketing and without a clear marketing plan how is a business expected to grow? Marketing your business is also a continual process that you must follow from the start. Marketing is an effective way of engaging with your customers, building a strong relationship which can lead to brand loyalty. It can also help to maintain and build your business’ reputation and boost sales, but it can also provide insights into your business. Your marketing techniques can assist you in determining what type of message will persuade your target audience while building relevance online through consistent content and thought leadership.



Why have a strategy?

With a marketing strategy, your chances of business success will rise if you have a defined set of goals and direction.

If you have a marketing strategy and plan in place, you will be able to keep to a schedule that clearly outlines your marketing investment. Furthermore, by sending out consistent communications, you will create trust in your company and, as a result, part of your audience will become customers and even advocates for your business.

By having a marketing agency like Time54 we can get to understand your goals by working closely with you which we can then create a marketing strategy. This strategy will act as a framework and plan of action to help drive your business forward and achieve your goals, whether that be:

  • Increase turnover
  • Generate more enquiries or sales leads
  • Increase your brand awareness in construction or interiors sectors
  • Develop stronger relationships with key industry clients
  • Enter a new market

Partnering with Time54 means we will guide you through every step of the way. We also impart leading insight in the construction and interiors sectors to help make the most informed decisions and to get maximum impact from your budget

So, what’s the plan?

By creating a 12-month plan, it can help you to understand what you want to accomplish by the end of 2022 and what you will need to do to get there. The plan should then be broken down into manageable monthly milestones. This serves as a point of reference for your team, and everyone, senior or junior, will want to contribute.


Having a marketing strategy and a plan in place means you will stick to a schedule where your marketing investment is clearly laid out. And by sending out consistent communications it will build trust in your business, and ultimately will convert more of your audience into customers.

If you have any questions or would like help in creating your marketing plan, then give us a shout by emailing us or calling us on 01606 351 033


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