How to get the most from exhibiting at Decorex?

How to get the most from exhibiting at Decorex?


Send an email…but be quick!

Firstly, send them an email in a timely manner. I’d say within a week after the event at the most. It sounds an obvious task, but from experience, so many people meet you and say they’ll be in touch, and they never are.

Or if they do message, it’s a month after an event when all momentum and connection with the person has faded.

Marketing, like business in general, is all about doing what you said you were going to do. This builds trust with your connections and gives you and your brand credibility.

Send them an email thanking them for visiting your stand, and be sure to mention any information you said you would provide. Whether it was further product information, prices, a referral you talked about, or anything else.

Thinking ahead of the next step, while you are in contact with your new connection, ask them if you can add them to your mailing list to receive future updates and emailshots, and encourage them to follow your social media channels.

The more ‘touchpoints’ they have with your company, the more influence and impact your marketing will have on them.

exhibiting at Decorex

Future email campaigns

So if your contacts agreed to be added to your mailing list, send them targeted, relevant, and personalised emails that will be of interest to them.

This should tie-in with your content schedule and overall marketing strategy.

Send them a thought leadership or opinion piece articles you’ve written, for example, a lighting supplier could write about designing lighting schemes in interior spaces or upcoming lighting trends.

Product news is also another good topic to write about and send in an emailshot. But be sure to focus on the benefits of your product and not the features. Your audience wants to know how your product will help them or their current project, instead of that it’s made from a particular material.

Once you have your topics in place, be sure to send your emailshot campaigns on a regular, consistent basis. By doing this, your users will pre-empt you and will start to look for your emails.

Connect with your new connections

Make sure you follow the social channels of your new connections, whether it’s on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform right now (if used correctly!). After the lockdown of 2020, the popularity of LinkedIn has rocketed and it’s a great way to build your work relationships.

Again, make sure to connect with your stand visitors. And then keep engaged with their content and posts. It’s a good idea to comment on their posts and not just like them, as it creates mini conversations and builds relationships.

Master the long-term mentality

Building relationships from your exhibition stand visitors is always a long-term strategy. Like any relationship, it needs nurturing and building gradually on a consistent basis.

It’s important not to send them a flurry of emailshots in a short space of time with special offers or promotions, even if they expressed an interest in your products/services.

Be sure to think carefully about how you can add value to your new connections and their roles. Inspire them with amazing case studies or educate them with interesting thought leadership content.

Don’t just sell.

Think about it as though you’re integrating yourself into the design community. Bring value and give people a reason to get to know you, through your marketing.

If you need any further advice on making the most of the connections and leads you gained from Decorex, feel free to get in touch.

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