Make the most of your CPD to help specify your products

Do your research

Make the most of your CPD to help specify your products

Do your research
All architects are required to do ongoing CPD to maintain their chartered status with RIBA. For building product manufacturers, this presents an opportunity to create training materials around their products that architects will be eager to learn from at a crucial stage of their professional development.

A changing landscape in CPD records

The ARB has been given new powers in the Building Safety Act 2022 to monitor the training and development of all architects and is working on a new mandatory CPD scheme which is currently undergoing a pilot, expected to be rolled out more widely in 2024 and become mandatory in January 2025.

Under the new scheme, architects will need to carry out CPD on mandatory core topics likely to include sustainability and safety, record their activities on ARB’s platform and write a reflective statement. The ARB will then review a selection of architect’s CPD records.

Developing a CPD to increase awareness and build relationships

The construction sector is a crowded market with manufacturers and service providers all competing to influence the marketplace with their products and services.

As a building product manufacturer or service provider within the UK construction sector,  knowledge and understanding is essential for building relationships with specifiers.

Technical understanding of your product or service is a crucial reason for a specifier to engage and develop a relationship with you and your business.

CPD seminars provide a great platform to introduce your building product solution or service, engage with specifiers and communicate your brand. They provide a platform for you to position yourself as a thought leader or expert within industry.

Crucially, it is important your CPD is engaging, factual and informative. It shouldn’t be a sales pitch.

When done correctly a CPD provides the opportunity to build your brand awareness and increase recognition. Potentially transforming your relationship from product manufacturer to trusted advisor in your field. A CPD gives you the opportunity to reach out to a new audience and communicate the benefits of your solution in person.

Your CPD needs to communicate the unique elements of your offering, ensuring you highlight and explain these benefits is of key importance in ‘cementing’ the specification, for example its far more difficult to drop your product from the specification if it offers unique benefits that can’t be matched by competitors.

By sharing expertise, insights, and case studies, manufacturers can demonstrate the real-world applications and benefits of their products, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among the architects and other professionals who specify and use them.

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Benefits of a CPD for your business or brand

By creating a CPD you are building strong relationships and increasing awareness with architects and other specifiers.

Nobody likes to be sold to, and this is especially true in the technical nature of specification. Designing and integrating building products into a project requires deep knowledge and technical consideration, and presenting a CPD to express this information is the best method.

By contributing valuable knowledge and insights, building product manufacturers can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. This not only raises their brand reputation but also builds trust and credibility with architects and specifiers.

Finally, CPD presentations facilitate direct engagement with architects and other specifiers, offering an opportunity for feedback, discussions, and relationship building. What better way to build relationships than to sit in a room where you can answer the questions from architects and other specifiers and solve their problems.


Develop a CPD for your business

If you are thinking of developing a CPD for your business then talk to our team here at Time54. We have worked with business owners and marketing managers to develop CPD presentations for their products and brands.

We helped a national façade manufacturer develop a CPD for their rainscreen cladding product. The CPD was to be RIBA accredited, so we had to consider this during the planning and design stages, as RIBA has strict criteria relating to brand mentions within a presentation.

We worked with the marketing manager at the façade manufacturer and the rest of the marketing team to plan, co-ordinate and design a CPD that was then used by their external sales team to present to architectural practices. And once the CPD had been created, we also helped to create a schedule of marketing activities to help them promote the CPD, including content, emailshot campaigns, social media activity and an SEO campaign to increase awareness for specifiers looking for a rainscreen CPD on Google.

What do we offer?

As part of our CPD creation service, we offer CPD writing, scripting, presentations, animations, videos, and webinars. Drawing from our experience in technical content production for RIBA accreditation, we understand the requirements necessary to achieve certification. We can also help you create your online CPD.

Deliver CPD sessions that genuinely resonate with Time54 Construction. Contact us today to discuss how we can breathe life into your CPD presentations and set you apart from the competition.

Get in touch with Time54 to build your brand awareness with specifiers through strategic marketing campaigns.

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